Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dream Dog

Barking bangs from the corners of the garage.
Drool pools in your lap. Face the size of the

horizon, scummed puddle eyes, muzzle and grey
gums. Black hide, burned at the elbows and chin

to pink. Your snot-smeared hands, struggling
with the rope. Paws scrabbling like falling pigeons.

The reek of his tongue; he has been eating something
dead from the trunk. Out-of-tune horns, cellos, from

the front lawn; he whines a pinkish nursery song.
His face is your horizon; eyes the size of scummed

pools, red muzzle and gums, teeth grease-smeared,
like your struggling hands. Drool puddles in your lap.

1 comment:

Chris said...

Fountain of life
hill swelled with womanhood,
cradle tenderness in your hand and drink,
Not with greed my dear.
taste the warmth, vitality that flows
as it touches your lips in a sweet kiss,
Not with violence my dear.
let your head echo its twin
gaze upon its beauty as it nestles you,
lay your head and rest in its valley.