Saturday, June 20, 2009

Ideas for new covers. (All previous were rejected.)


Roman Numeral V)


You know the drill. Please vote please please.


marcia said...

16 a.

I like her hair.

And the cover looks like a Penguin.
Always a good thing.

Michael said...

hum.... I like A and 16A. Yeah I know, I'm no help.

Jessica GC said...

Love them all, but I was immediately drawn to A... V was a close 2nd.

Radish King said...

I like the middle 1. Love the color in it.

lissa said...

first one, so simple

Radish King said...

Unfortunately, the fork is too much like this

or it would have had my vote as well.


Billy said...

i like the one with the fork

Chubbs said...

i like the allure of the 1st one.