Thursday, December 18, 2008

I promised my two writing classes that I would pick the best poems from each and post them.

So here they are -- written as reverse poems of Mark Strand's The Dress.

English 1101 -- Freshman


I am Not Perfect After All

I stay awake in the dark valley
with the sun's warmth on my face,
my skin, naked as the flowing stream,
and I hear the voice of a bird
extending its wings across the face of the sun,
is this folly or a song,
escaping my ears with its white feathers
and as I step into my clothes, walking towards the light,
the bird finds me, so did its sweet voice and the message it speaks.
Although I woke up in the light, what I couldn't understand
is what I did or never did.

Writing 303 -- Juniors


The Valley

Stand up on the vast valley and
reach out for the blazing sun, just at the tip of your fingers
Your body sings as the wind caresses your naked skin,
and you shall hear the lark singing its lonely tune,
sharing the depth of his kindness,
or the hummingbird, humming its low pitch songs,
telling you his glee, and his smile.
Cascading your thoughts with sprinkles of honey.
But once you put your mask back on, putting on a facade for the outside world,
the sun, the lark, and the hummingbird shall all be gone,
as you yet again walk the humdrum walk of everyday life
Wishing for the day to see the valley again.

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