Thursday, January 17, 2008

Things She Asked on Our First Date

She asked me if I had any social diseases, since she was writing a poem about STD's. She asked me if I ever hit a girl and if so, did she press charges. She asked me where I hit her. She asked me to show her on my own body. She asked me if my mother had a job, and what kind of job was technical producer, anyway. She asked me the names of my brothers and sisters. She asked me what I planned to name my firstborn. She asked me why I didn't quit my job. She asked me if I couldn't see things from my boss's point of view. She asked me if I was happy with such a small apartment. She asked me if my cat always acted this way. She asked me if the bed always squeaked like that, like a chicken with its foot caught in a tin can. She asked me if I was crying or laughing. She asked me if she fell asleep and then woke up again, would I still be stroking her hair.


QuotenUnquote said...

very evasive girl ... she wanted to know you more ... nice write up
i hope you ended up knowing well


iceygirl said...

i love this poem
its evocative
and eerie
and it leaves me feeling titillated and creepy at the same time, all very good things, i love the ending

Christine said...

Thank you, Quote and Icey.