Monday, July 16, 2007

Yes, Virginia, Shakespeare really does hate your emo poems

I went to the Queer Blogger Weenie Roast yesterday, and met so many nice people! I swear, everyone was so pleasant and talkative, it was like I left NYC for a moment. Here's a pic of me borrowed from Curly,

and a pic of me and Cheryl B. just to show how incredibly glam she is at all times, even in 90 degree sweltering heat with dripping cuties everywhere and barbeque wafting this way and that.

Photo from Curly McDimple. Again. In this photo, I'm the 70 year old with the blonde wig.

So, Bird on a Wire (sorry for not using anyone's real name -- I can remember NOTHING but maybe finally getting my cheeseburger after nearly dying of hunger -- everything else is a little flicker) made a list of all the bloggers who were there yesterday, and I personally spoke to Curly McDimple (who made me afraid for my feet), Chris Hampton (whose name is way too much like mine -- she might be my funnier doppelganger), Zebah (who was really funny and is a cheerleader -- those girls really are ALWAYS perfect) and then Zaedryn (who I've seen read a few times at PVC and always brings the audience to tears of joy, and breathlessness, etc -- kinda the opposite of the audience's reaction to me, where everyone gets a little sick and uneasy [not another poem about beastly cannibals, stop!]).

Anyway. It was great. (Linking's hard work, yo! I think I need a diet sprite now. Usually I just post to myself.)

Like this: come to my next reading at PVC! Bowery Poetry Club, 8PM next Wednesday, the 25th! It'll be rad! I'll be reading stuff that has never before been seen by human eyes: cause we know my eyes are only half-human. Also, I'll be quick so we can get to the funny people after me!

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curly mcdimple said...

So great meeting you! And thanks for the link.

I'm looking forward to reading your poetry. Hope to see you again soon!