Thursday, June 28, 2007

I bought a new cat carrying case this afternoon, and I had to carry it all through New Jersey, New York and Queens. A really perverse part of me wanted to pretend I had an invisible cat. People kept peering into the case. I just managed to control the impulse to squeak in a baby voice to my imaginary cat “Mr. Quibbles” and stick my fingers through the wire to touch his transparent nose.

Hide and Seek

girls’ slips get caught on windowsills cheeks and elbows shine in the dim yard whispers carry all the way to the attic their scent (all lavender confusion) carries downwind they hide in plain sight under the front porch behind the rose bush in the apple tree they beg to be found bite their wet tongues in anticipation of the tickle the pinching they swoon from boredom sitting still dying lightening bugs fill their ponytails miniature spiders lodge in their hems inchworms coax shivers down their shoulders the sun slings low as they set their chins on folded arms and sigh


Stroll said...

The invisible cat idea is brill. This morning on the bus, a woman got on with an empty pet carrying case and was someone engaged her about it she lamented that her dog was having surgery. If only she had said, "Oh, he's just invisible" it would have been a much more interesting eaves drop.

I still have the cardboard carrier that I brought my cat home in from the ASPCA. I need to take her to the vet about her little panting episodes (which I have read on the internets signifies terrifying things, or, maybe, is just normal in the heat) but I'm sure she will go absolutely crazy once she realizes what is happening. Also, there is no way she is going to sit still for a vet to poke and prod at her. I don't know how this will play out.

BTW do you have a vet to recommend in Astoria?

Christine said...

I'm pretty picky about vets, so I've switched a couple times. I recommend Astoria Vet Clinic, or the one I just started using -- 21st Avenue -- They're much cheaper at my new place, but I haven't been there for long, so it's hard to tell if it's really good or not.