Sunday, August 06, 2006

I finally wrote a poem! AMAZing!! This was just a warm-up for my Smut reading tomorrow.

Very Soft Porn

As their lips met, she began
to feel a quivering and a tingling
in her hands.

She bent down on her knees
before him, loosened his belt
and grabbed his hands.

He thrust a fist into her red hair
and bent her back over the bed;
in a trice, he had his finger
in her hands.

She slowly kissed her way down
Alice’s belly and after an agonizing
pause, licked her hands.

Bruce gasped, I’ve never done this
as the man behind him snickered
and slowly rubbed his hands
to ready himself.

Tricia’s jaw dropped after she opened
the couple’s bedroom door. I’m sorry,
she finally managed, I thought this
was my room.
There were, what?
twelve men and women on the bed?
so many hands…
She tried to look away but couldn’t.


I'm on peeps, finally. Click and back and forth and help spread the people love, as much as you see fit.


Dana said...

I saw you up there this morning.

back and forth, back and forth.

Radish King said...

hhehheahhahhaaaa! but I refuse to peep you.

Christine said...

Lynn -- thanks for the peepness. Alas, I have already slipped off the page.

Rebecca -- oh, if you were a horse you would not be a jumper, what with all the refusals. I bet you have a difficult time being led to water, too.

Radish King said...

What with all the refusals.

I never have done what I was told to do.

Christine said...

Radish -- that's cause you keep saying "neigh".

I crack myself up. Really. I'm in pieces.