Monday, March 13, 2006

I stole a line from the last one.

The Reluctant Bride

I’m a virgin on my wedding day
wearing 23 shades of white

my hair the color of a spotlight
I have the bluest eyes you’ll ever see
on the subway I’m twelve

when I’m alone I speak to pigeons
my skin the color of the city before it rains
yellow that is almost green almost tangible

I go barefoot everywhere

my mother sold me to a 90 year-old
millionaire in Buenos Aires

she advertised me on Ebay
guaranteed my blood reversed aging

she let me choose my wedding dress yesterday
my train is raw silk and spans two acres

she bought the high heels
I’m free until noon
there’s a spiral staircase in my heart
the stairs made of phoenix wings
and mastodon bones

I’ll climb out this window
the pigeons will come with me and the tiger
and the crack addict who kissed my hand
on the corner of Broadway

there’s some other city there
some city just like this one but
people are barefoot
and it rains every day at four
it’s a sweet rain and soft

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