Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wow. I have the greatest poets reading this blog. I'm so lucky!

Okay, whoever wants to read the mss. to send a blurb, send your email to and I will email you the pdf file.

The mints will come with the hard copy when that is published. Virtual mints are not so tasty.

Rebecca: I loved your book and I want to write a review of it. I'm just trying to find the words.


Some people have asked for more details about the mints. Know this: they are the chalky pastel mints of childhood. They are the mints you grabbed by the handful when you were ten and your parents took you out on that rare restaurant trip to a room full of dark wood, stale smells, and too few windows. They were your reward for keeping quiet when the waiter with the too-large false teeth brought you a diet pepsi instead of a coke. They capped a meal of rich salty foods with always too much garlic. They are shaped like tiny pillows, lined with a chewy strip of minty sugar, and they leave a dust on your palm like the touch of butterfly wings.


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