Thursday, January 27, 2005

Just a little tweak to remind you:

The latest poems by Christine Hamm. This is a dark and amusing collection of fractured fairytales -- where mothers poison their children, dogs are avenging angels, and husbands turn into cats and cheeses.
buy here.

The next person who buys a copy will get a two dollar cash refund directly from me -- if you feel like giving me your address. If I don't sell one more copy soon all my royalties for the year are going to be re-absorbed(not that they're much...)


Anonymous said...

I hope today was soon enough, I just placed the order.
Keep the $2 and get the cat something to if you are still buying a cat with your royalty check. Not that I wouldn't give you my address, I just think $8 sounds fair for anything involving poison, mothers, dogs, and cheese.

Christine said...

Thanks, Anon! I now am going to recieve my royalty check. 25 bucks! In May!