Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Tinfoil Hat

I visit this lady once a week she is sweet but
most of her is missing she is crazy and she
has to pee a lot every fifteen minutes sometimes
she doesn’t make it to the toilet her shoes stink of urine

Most of her teeth are missing her face is the color of a
Brillo pad she has an eye that looks inward all white

She used to work in a psychiatric hospital the head nurse
injected the noisy patients with something that gave them
seizures the patients refused to eat and threw shit at
the staff the nurses beat each other on pay day

Once she saw a big big as a black dog patient step on
another’s head grind it she said then he saw me watching...
I looked away pretended not to see
she is almost blind

She still wears her nurse uniform when I visit she says jobs were
hard to find back then most of the buttons are missing I can
see the scar on her chest from heart surgery and where her
breasts crease into themselves

Sometimes she compliments me
on my dress and I say,
thanks, mom.

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