Sunday, May 30, 2004

I'm still trying to come up with a good "homewrecker" poem to submit to the anthology she's putting together. For details go to
Daphne's site.

Oh, and I finally got something accepted at Exquisite Corpse! At first I thought they had made a mistake, since I received a rejection from Andre about a month ago. But they just accepted another piece I submitted last year. Which I totally forgot about.

Here's another shot -- comments please!

Forensic Adultery

It doesn’t matter:
you’re mine you can’t leave
I have your skin --
flaked cells, nail parings
snot surreptiously wiped
hair, ear wax, salvia, semen

in this bed we shared the same mites
our hemoglobin has met and linked hands
I licked your cheek after the razor cut

I’ve never cleaned our sheets blankets towels handiwipes tissues dirty dishes
your vanilla/ganja scent’s in the walls
clings to my hair
under my fingernails
I’ve never washed you’re still here

I can build another you in your absence
(of your absence)
you can’t leave me
I’m telling you
I have you
I have all of you
right here

the fibers don’t lie.

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