Monday, March 01, 2004

I had the most wonderful Sunday because I got to volunteer for Brendan Lorber (editor of Lungful!) at his fund-raiser for the new issue at the Zinc bar and all sorts of wonderful poets were there and I even got to talk a little to some of them although one woman from my poetry class seemed to be hating me and of course, smacks head, it's because I'm fat and I make stupid comments in class. Which explains all my problems yet again. Speaking of class, Brendan is running this most wonderful at the Poetry Project and I am learning so very much about the New York School and different styles of poetry which do not include rhymes so I don't have to hate them and I am very glad that I did not try to get yet another MA in writing and instead just opted to take classes at the Poetry Project. Ye shall see some of the fruits of this class soon.

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