Saturday, September 28, 2002

So. Things are going somewhat well. Finished three interviews this week. The last one was for a job I really want, for a good salary, at a place I've wanted to work at ever since I graduated social work school. I've interviewed at one part of the agency or another 4 times over the past seven years. The last time I had the second interview, but then I was never called back. Every time I interview there, I get really good vibes, and they seem very enthusiastic about me, but I never get the job. I'm just hoping this time, things will be different. The other two interviews were okay -- one was a third interview for a senior center (two more to go on that) and one was to work with homeless men at a brand new residence, run by people who are completely overwhelmed, but loved their jobs (they told me this about three times). I hope to be working by October 7th, that is the goal.

GRE next week. And I'm going to STUDY.

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