Friday, April 05, 2002

What Stirring had to say about my poem:

Congratulations. The editors have decided on your piece, "Things that are Left at K-mart, According my Dream on Wednesday," one of the finest pieces of poems we've come across in a while, for our upcoming edition of Stirring. They had the following to say about your work --

"This poem just SHOULD NOT work. But it does."

"I'm not usually one for list poems, but this one captured my attention and held it throughout the read. Each word really makes you stop and think and consider its significance both singly and in relation to the whole. I particularly liked the repetition of 'the torso of a woman' which gets richer with each repeat. And, of course, the title really makes the piece. Very imaginative and unusual. "

"Enigmatic, took up speed and strength toward the end."

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