Monday, November 04, 2002

New Fiction! as inspired by a class assignment.

Born to be Wild

Or anything by AC/DC. Especially Hell’s Bells on the radio in my boyfriend’s recycled pick-up, parked under the live oak behind the stable, almost hidden, before my riding lessons, and me going down on him like I did every day, sometimes twice a day.

I sucked his cock so much I dislocated my jaw. It seems like it was just that summer but it was always summer in California, except for maybe a couple months, so I think it was longer than just summer, I think it went on for a long time. Sometimes it was his reward for driving me home so I wouldn’t have to take the school bus. Sometimes I did it because Foreigner’s Cold as Ice was playing or maybe something by Styx and we were going down the freeway at night and it was really hot and I’d take off my shirt too and all I could think about was how sexy and porno I would look, if one of my friends could see me. Once it was with ice cubes because I’d seen that in a movie by Cheech and Chong.

Sometimes it was because the door in my bedroom was half open and my mother was just down the hallway. I thought I was super daring but also maybe so maybe I wanted her to catch me and somehow take me away from all this rescue me from what I was doing all the time. I couldn’t even take my lunch period anymore without doing it.

Once I couldn’t open my mouth very far because I had a cold sore but he wanted it anyway and he ended up bruised by my teeth. I tried but I just couldn’t make myself feel sorry and I think I kind of laughed. He just sort of looked at me and that’s when I knew it was over. It took me a couple years after that, to really enjoy cock sucking

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